A Beautiful Day….

“The Artist’s Way”

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In the morning I listen to George Harrison, ‘Here come’s the Sun’.

It was the start of some needed healing of my heart. I had enough. I thought if I had worked hard enough, it would come together. Everything; life, the purpose and the joy.

It was “The Artist’s Way” which gave me some tools; reintroduced me to old lessons and offered new directions.

So, in the morning when I wake up, I take a moment to take in the sun and reflect. The practice is referred to as the ‘morning pages’. The idea is to place a stream of consciousness on the pages for five minutes, a period of time to purge your mind from muddle and place your thoughts in line.

It is simply journaling, a chance to shine a light on your thoughts. As soon as the pen leaves the paper, the thoughts disperse. It can be a moment to place intention in the universe, a moment of gratitude, of prose or poem, a scribble or mantra……

It’s a moment to exhale.

The beautiful moment, is enough

As I start another chapter….

Many blessings.

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