Beautiful moments and beautiful people. Georgetown cobbled streets highlight young love as the sun sets on a spring day in Washington D.C.

As I returned from Chicago and switched from photojournalism to freelance photography I was able to have a tour of the Spring Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C. by a young couple in love.

Senator Leahy and his wife set for a cup of tea among the Washington D.C. Cherry
Blossoms to the delight of several residents.

It was wonderful trip at a time I needed to return to the camera and moments it can capture. Within several days I was able to capture so many of the images I always wished to, the moments of the family of man.

The Family of Man” was book from Time Life curated by Edward Steichen and Carl Sandburg I tried to emulate for so many years as I ‘chased the light’ and pursued a career in photography.

It is these moments, of simple beauty, which reminded me how beautiful everyone can possibly be. Whether in a book from Time Life or from the pages of our journals, I again appreciated the Beauty of Man.

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